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Well… hi. Look at that last post’s date. Look at this one. Whoops. Some life happened there, it seems. But I’m back! I still don’t know what this blog is going to be. But I know I want to give it another shot.

You know, when I started, I had these grand plans that I would create this visually stunning documentary on the life of a writer- everything I had ever done, from preschool to now. All organized by topic and date. It would be monumental….ly pretentious. So I ditched it. Then I thought I’d write the next hilarious mom-blog to go triple viral (because I don’t know how the internet works) and I’d get reposted by both The Bloggess AND George Takei and it would crash my site and I’d be instantly famous. But I was trying way too hard and gave up when I wasn’t rolling in Bitcoins within a month.

So that brings us to today. Two kids, a job I occasionally do, not a hell of a lot of time, but dammit, I started this and I want to keep trying. We all have these “shoulds” and “want tos” and I don’t know about you, but I know I avoid eye-contact with all of mine for fear of failure. But all you can really do is give SOMETHING a shot every once in a while, right? So all the stuff I would normally put on Facebook? The stuff that made a whole four people say I should start a blog? It’s going here. All the stuff I have scribbled on grocery receipts and random pages of notebooks? Here. If nothing else, it still makes ME laugh, so I’ve got that to look forward to. No clue what this blog will actually be, but it’s going to be… something.

Welcome back to the new and improved blog you never knew existed in the first place. Here we go again, awkwardly diving in.

That's the spirit

That’s the spirit

The first one

So here it is, friends. My very first blog post. It was a long time coming. Quite a few people have told me I should do this, but they were all people who liked me and wanted me to be happy, so… grain of salt I suppose? I love to write, people tell me I should write, I have things in my head TO write, but there is tremendous fear and doubt about whether or not it will be worthwhile to anyone, including myself. I guess this is just a disclaimer in this first terror-filled post of this new endeavor, so I can get it out of the way and never mention it again. From here on in, there is no doubt, no second-guessing, and no going back. I’m bravely starting this public blog, and dammit- we’re all gonna love it.

Let’s discuss the page name, shall we? I have two disgustingly cute children, and I love them. But sometimes I take pictures of them that make them look like lumpy sacks of baby. And I think this is kind of a metaphor for life:

Sometimes our lives are disgustingly cute, and we should own those moments for all they’re worth. And sometimes, our lives are lumpy, awkward sacks. We gotta own those moments, too.

Here we go!

I make this face at life a lot.

I make this face at life a lot.