Another first

Since we’re starting at the beginning here, let’s really start at the beginning. I have saved almost every single thing I’ve ever written. School work, diaries, stories, (really horrible) poems (seriously, I can NOT do poetry), doodles from the margins of class notes- everything. So I thought, why not share the very earliest thing I can find? I was going for something like an adorable diary entry from elementary school, but it turns out I was fairly insufferable as a child. I’ll spare everyone the details, but if you would like to know what wasn’t fair in the 80’s, I can give you a lengthy list.

So instead, I present to you some of my very first creations, from a little art book titled “starting art! For ages 3-6.”

It's my good side

It’s my good side

Featured next week on Cribz

Featured next week on Cribz

Let’s hope this wasn’t when I peaked as an artist.