Awkward Baby #2

Wednesday is officially Awkward Baby day here. It’s a new thing I just made up. So here is today’s Awkward Baby situation:

You know how sometimes you go to a soiree at someone’s house and everyone is thinner and better dressed than you, and they’re all nibbling on hors d’oeuvres (which spell check says should be “horseradish”- what kind of crappy parties are you going to, spellcheck?) and being terribly trendy and you’re starving because you thought there’d be real food so you didn’t eat and you’re about to get hangry so you load up a plate but there’s nowhere to covertly stuff your face so you go to sit on the couch where other potentially wall-flowery people might be and it’s a coushy couch with only one seat open so you have to try and lower yourself and your embarrassingly over-full plate really carefully to not spill and/or springboard the other couch occupants out of their seats like an episode of hipster Tom and Jerry so you kind of slouch/sit into the spot all awkward and uncomfortable while trying to look like you’re totally confident?

This is what that feels like:

I just came straight from work.

I just came straight from work.

Awkward Baby shares your discomfort.